Wrapping Our Heads Around Facebook And The Ever Changing Social Landscape

Parents now must understand about Facebook, to help children reach their potential. That is the reason for similar contents and this website, including our new publication.

Some background: We quantified the impact of our program, and we found clear advantages in all places we quantified.

Building on research and teaching, we composed a novel that is new: Facebook Responses to the Top 25 Questions. That is now on Amazon.

We picked the most urgent questions, to create this publication. We answer one question. The first result continues to be really great.

You will see the table of contents, which can be an inventory of the questions we answer, if you visit Amazon.

We consider this novel may be the best resource. We describe the good and poor aspects. The book points readers to resources that are additional .

See the things below for measures you are able to take to find out about Facebook:

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We seek 20 gifted individuals to work in the initial phases with us. Our ultimate aim would be to produce an international network of capable individuals who can educate parents.

Our stuff helps parents think about Facebook

Our “how to believe” strategy empowers parents to cope with whatever comes next.


Some parents worry because they do n’t need to intrude on their kid’s secrecy about joining Facebook. It is seen by them as spying within their child’s bedroom. This perspective — Facebook is off-target. Why?

#1 – a child’s bedroom is n’t entered by Strangers. But with strangers, children can interact on Facebook.

#2 – In a bedroom, actions will not be observable by numerous individuals. By comparison, acts your kid does on Facebook are broadly observable.

But it’s on Facebook.

In a nutshell, we think when you see “Facebook as private bedroom” you are going to make errors in parenting.

Children can be benefited by Facebook

Parents be concerned about their loved ones’ security. That is not unreal. But there is a bright side that parents shouldn’t miss. The youth of now can learn important skills through the use of Facebook in the manner that is correct. We have identified five abilities places children can learn on Facebook. These abilities are essential for his or her future success:
What is Next?

You should begin shortly, in the event you ‘re not on Facebook. The easiest way for parents to comprehend Facebook would be to put it to use.

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